[asterisk-users] Quick Question - Jabra Headset and Aastra 53i - Where is the speaker/headset enable setting on Aastra UI?

Gareth Blades list-asterisk at skycomuk.com
Thu Aug 26 03:09:08 CDT 2010

bruce bruce wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I can connect the Jabra GN2124 + GN2100 (smart cord) to the Aastra 53i 
> receiver port and I get a tone. But when I connect it to the headset 
> port there is no tone. I am running firmware 2.4 and I can't seem to 
> find that DHSG, EHS or whatever the setting maybe called to enable to 
> get this headset work with the phone. Can anyone quickly tell me where 
> the audio options are on this phone?
> Thanks,
> Bruce

Press the tools button.
Press 2 (Preferences)
Press 5 (Set Audio)
You now have 3 options to set the handsfree/headset mode, mic volume and 

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