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Dan Journo dan at keshercommunications.com
Wed Aug 25 16:42:34 CDT 2010


I've posted about this a few months back but I didn't understand the answer properly and only just got round to sorting it out.

My question is, when I dial out to a few numbers at the same time, the CDR lastdata for the call looks like this:-

SIP/07957543212 at supplier&SIP/07957123456 at supplier&SIP/01615551234 at supplier|10

The problem is, the billing rate could be affected, depending on which endpoint answers the call.

When a call is answered, I need the lastdata to be replaced with the specific number that answered the call so I know whether to bill for a mobile, local or international call.

Last time I posted regarding this, someone said that I should use the Local channel, but I can't figure out what he meant.

Can anyone assist with this?

Many thanks

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