[asterisk-users] Transfer + speed dial button problem?

Gerard gsaraber at rarcoa.com
Tue Aug 24 07:40:36 CDT 2010

  Hi everyone,
I'm having a bit of an issue after upgrading from asterisk ~1.2.24 to,
with the old version when the user would go to transfer a call, they 
would press Transfer, then the speed dial button for the extension, 
optionally introduce the call, and then press Transfer again to complete 
the transfer.
Now, with the new version, when you hit the speed dial button, asterisk 
treats it as a new call rather then the input for the transfer, I'm not 
sure if it's a configuration option, or something to do with chan_sccp.. 
(i.e. I should ask on the sccp list instead)
I'm using Cisco 7960 phones with the 7914 12 button add-on. Transferring 
works absolutely fine if you just type the extension number rather then 
using the speed dial button.

I'm running:
Asterisk built by root @ phonesys2 on a i686 running Linux on 
2010-08-22 16:52:42 UTC
SCCP channel Release: v2 - 1792 (built by 'root' on 'Mon Aug 23 17:42:15 
CDT 2010')
chan_sccp v3 crashed too much to be useful, so I went back to v2 for now.

Any input would be appreciated!
-Gerard Saraber
gsaraber at rarcoa.com

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