[asterisk-users] How to debug this specific issue?

Steve Davies davies147 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 23 11:42:04 CDT 2010


I am happy with the usual GDB backtrace methods and so forth, but have
an issue that I cannot work out how to trace on

If I use either the Bridge() app, or the manager Action: Bridge() in a
certain scenario (Basically to bridge 2 SIP channels, like an attended
transfer, resulting in 2 other SIP channels being discarded) then the
whole server locks solid. The console stops, the network stops,
something is hammering the box and nothing (including debug tools)
seem to be able to do anything about it.

If I 'nice' asterisk to lowest priority, and 'nice' a copy of 'top' to
highest priority, everything still locks. After a short period, the
box recovers, seemingly due to the 60 second RTP timer. Anything that
was being logged is lost.

My theory is the I am somehow causing a frame loop internal to
Asterisk by setting up some type of illegal bridge, but I used the
same code on 1.2 (I backported Bridge()) and it works just fine.

I need suggestions please on how to determine where it is locking, and why.

Many thanks,

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