[asterisk-users] Click2call from an OpenOffice document

Olivier oza_4h07 at yahoo.fr
Mon Aug 23 01:49:37 CDT 2010

2010/8/20 Anthony Messina <amessina at messinet.com>

> perhaps we aren't exactly sure what you are trying to accomplish.

I'm quite sure about what I'm trying to accomplish but my english skills are
betraying me when explaining it.

>  what is
> your end goal?

The whole thing is to develop one feature which, for instance, is currently
bundled with Asterisk Desktop Assistant (see

When you open a spreadsheet or document written by someone, your OpenOffice
would automatically detect whatever looks like a phone number (that comes
from the so-called SmartTags feature).
Then it would simply add a contextual menu to it.
Using this menu, you can dial the corresponding number.

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