[asterisk-users] Calling Line Identity - any ideas

Sherwood McGowan sherwood.mcgowan at gmail.com
Thu Aug 19 03:22:53 CDT 2010

I'll see if I can make it a little clearer for you...

When ext 123 makes a call to another SIP device through the server but
not requiring a middleman (i.e. a third party provider that allows you
to dial to parties outside the immediate control of your PBX) to
accomplish the call, what happens is Asterisk sets the CallerID on leg
B of the call (the leg that's "going" to the other internal extension)
to Ext 123's configured CLID.

However, when you call through a provider (the "middleman"), the call
has to use a peer/friend definition OTHER than the original one (Ext
123's)...it has to perform the call via the friend account you made
for ABCTelco, which could have included the CallerID information you
wanted displayed over all calls being sent outbound through that

Here's a really simple way to view this...

In the dialplan, the call to another internal extension is dialed thus:


However, when you're dialing through a peer (middleman, provider,
whatever) it looks like this:

Dial(SIP/3148083030 at PROVIDER)

See, the @ indicates that you want asterisk to use another account as
a trunk to reach the number you're dialing. In your dialplan, when you
dial the outside world, what's after the @? Whatever it is, go to that
entry in your sip.conf, and you'll be 90% of the way home

On Thu, Aug 19, 2010 at 2:54 AM, Paddy Grice <paddy at wizaner.com> wrote:
> Hi Sherwood
> Maybe my miss-understanding sip.conf I will try and see what happens - but I
> don't understand how "sip" would know which CLID to send to each sip
> endpoint - internal or external.
> BTW this is all to get return of missed calls working.
> I don't know if this makes it any clearer -
> An internal call from Ext123 should send 123 as the CLID to SIP/Ext400 but
> should send 442071110123 to SIP/TheWorld but an external call from
> 44123455667788 should send the received CLID 44123455667788 to both.
> Will check up on sip.conf
> Paddy
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> I'd have to say off the top of my head that this should already work as long
> as the trunk you're sending calls to the outside world over has the CallerID
> setting set AND probably sendrpid=yes...in the sip configuration for both of
> those items...past that, I could dig a bit....
> Cheers,
> Sherwood McGowan
> On Thu, Aug 19, 2010 at 2:25 AM, Paddy Grice <paddy at wizaner.com> wrote:
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>> Subject: [asterisk-users] Calling Line Identity - any ideas
>> Hi list
>> I have a requirement that I just don't know how to address - I don't
>> think its strange but can't find any pointers anywhere.
>> I have a user that wishes to have a "multi phone" divert. By that I
>> mean
>> "calls made to his extension say Ext200 can be redirected to a
>> different extension say Ext400 and also to his home landline.
>> Doing the dial is fine using
>> Dial(SIP/Ext400&SIP/TheWorld/441234567890)
>> The problem is CLID -
>> At the moment internal calls (Ext to Ext) show a CLID "EXTxxx" and
>> External Calls show the received CLID.
>> When the phone is redirected to both Internal and external numbers he
>> wants the correct CLI displayed on both phones.
>> So with the redirect operational
>> 1) a call from the outside world to his DID number will show the
>> received
>> CLI(ANI) on both devices - this works
>> BUT
>> 2) a call from an office extension needs to show "EXTxxx" on the
>> extension
>> (Ext400) but show the office telephone number on the landline
>> so in pseudo code I want to do something like
>> Dial ( SIP/Ext400 using CLID "EXT123" & SIP/TheWorld/441234567890
>> using CLID "44112233445566" )
>> Any ideas ?
>> Paddy
>> Forgot to say - I am using Version
>> Paddy
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