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Zeeshan Zakaria zishanov at gmail.com
Tue Aug 17 09:02:00 CDT 2010


As nobody has answered it yet, and long time ago I also seeked answer to
this exact same question, so I guess there is still no way to do it. What I
ended up doing was defining 100 contexts in extensions.conf, all with the
switch statements, so I didn't have to do a reload everytime. And then I
would add these contexts in the realtime database as per requirement. It was
about 3 years ago, and I don't remember more details about it, but just an
idea in case it might help you.

Zeeshan A Zakaria


On 2010-08-15 2:41 PM, "Dan Journo" <dan at keshercommunications.com> wrote:


I'd like to be able to create contexts in real-time when I add new clients
to my asterisk box.

Currently, I have to create a blank context in extensions.conf and add:-

switch => Realtime/@

Is there any way to avoid the step of creating the blank context and simply
include all the entries from the database?



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