[asterisk-users] BLF/Call Pickup using SPA942, SPA962, SPA932

Ron nhadie at gmail.com
Sat Aug 14 18:29:11 CDT 2010


just taking a wild guess here, are the extensions set to be in the same 


On 8/15/10 7:01 AM, Cassius Smith wrote:
> Hi all,
> There are a lot of posts around the web about my question; unfortunately
> I have not been able to get any of the solutions to work. I'm using
> Asterisk under CentOS 5.5. I'm trying to get call pickup working
> for the secretaries that monitor their bosses' phones.
> The BLF and the speed dial works great on the Linksys phones. Call
> pickup is the problem.
> My features.conf has *8 as the pickupexten in features.conf.
> On the SPA's the extended function is:
> fnc=blf+sd+cp;sub=600@$PROXY;ext=600@$PROXY
> the "SPA932 Call Pickup Code:" field is set to *8.
> I ring the extension; the lamp flashes on the shared line on the SPA,
> just like it should. When I press the flashing lamp, the CLI gives me:
> Notice [1328] Nothing to pick up for baf8bc-e23bcac0 at
> note: (this is the ip address of the SPA-942 in this case)
> then
> Got SIP response 603 "Decline" back from
> note: (this is the ringing extension, in this case a Polycom 330).
> I have tried different pickup codes, and some web pages say to add a #
> at the end of the call pickup code. When I do that, the CLI says
> "Notice [1328] Call from '602' to extension '**600' rejected because
> extension not found"
> So - how to resolve this? Do I need dialplan code to handle this? I get
> the clue from "nothing to pickup for blah blah" that I'm close but may
> be missing something simple.
> Thanks all
> Cassius

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