[asterisk-users] BLF/Call Pickup using SPA942, SPA962, SPA932

Cassius Smith cassius at cassius.org
Sat Aug 14 18:01:38 CDT 2010

Hi all,
There are a lot of posts around the web about my question; unfortunately
I have not been able to get any of the solutions to work. I'm using
Asterisk under CentOS 5.5. I'm trying to get call pickup working
for the secretaries that monitor their bosses' phones. 

The BLF and the speed dial works great on the Linksys phones. Call
pickup is the problem.

My features.conf has *8 as the pickupexten in features.conf. 

On the SPA's the extended function is:

the "SPA932 Call Pickup Code:" field is set to *8.

I ring the extension; the lamp flashes on the shared line on the SPA,
just like it should. When I press the flashing lamp, the CLI gives me:

Notice [1328] Nothing to pick up for baf8bc-e23bcac0 at 

note: (this is the ip address of the SPA-942 in this case)
Got SIP response 603 "Decline" back from 
note: (this is the ringing extension, in this case a Polycom 330).

I have tried different pickup codes, and some web pages say to add a #
at the end of the call pickup code. When I do that, the CLI says

"Notice [1328] Call from '602' to extension '**600' rejected because
extension not found"

So - how to resolve this? Do I need dialplan code to handle this? I get
the clue from "nothing to pickup for blah blah" that I'm close but may
be missing something simple.

Thanks all


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