[asterisk-users] installing with yum

Matthew J. Roth mroth at imminc.com
Fri Aug 13 14:25:18 CDT 2010

Albert Bonomo wrote:
> Well, I did tried using the source but couldn't make it work.
> some problem with dependencies and kernel version.
> It is really difficult to put all the stuff in order to make a source
> work.


It's really not that difficult if your system is in decent shape.  Unfortunately, from reading your posts on this subject in the Fedora users list <http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/users/2010-August/380371.html>, I know that you're working on a system that you didn't set up and it's a terrible mess.  As a matter of etiquette, this is information that you really should disclose to people when you ask them for help.

You need to fix the underlying problems before you attempt to go any further with that system.  You are trying to force your way through some serious issues, and I wouldn't trust any software that you manage to get installed via source or the package manager.  My suggestion is to start with a clean and fully updated install of CentOS.  If that's not possible, go with the most recent version of Fedora available, but be warned that it has a very short support cycle which isn't ideal for production servers.

You may experience some difficulty coming up to speed with Linux, but rest assured that Asterisk is not difficult to install from source if the right foundation is in place.  People will be willing and able to help you along the way if you're following a sensible path.


Matthew Roth
InterMedia Marketing Solutions
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