[asterisk-users] IAX2 debug of registration - Only getting RX and there is no TX response from Asterisk - is that normal?

bruce bruce bruceb444 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 10 18:28:42 CDT 2010

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to diagnose issue with my IAX2 extension not working.

When I have iax2 set debug on all I see is this:

*Rx-Frame Retry[ No] -- OSeqno: 000 ISeqno: 000 Type: IAX     Subclass:
*   Timestamp: 00003ms  SCall: 00130  DCall: 00000 []*
*   USERNAME        : 100*
*   REFRESH         : 60*
*Rx-Frame Retry[ No] -- OSeqno: 001 ISeqno: 001 Type: IAX     Subclass: ACK
*   Timestamp: 00003ms  SCall: 00130  DCall: 00001 []*

So, all the packets are coming in, but there is no Tx response. Is that
normal and is that how IAX2 works according to RFC to not respond back?

I have checked my firewall and all is set fine. I have any WAN address to
come in through port 4569 to map to the server and it worked last week but
now it doesn't.

Any suggestions?

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