[asterisk-users] asterisk compatible cards?

Seann nombrandue at tsukinokage.net
Tue Aug 10 10:18:50 CDT 2010

Steve Underwood wrote:
>   On 08/10/2010 09:40 PM, Jeremy Betts wrote:
>> I have always had very bad experiences with the x100p cards, they 
>> always have very bad echo. If you need decent call quality I would 
>> wait until you can afford a Digium card.
> Use OSLEC with them, and they work OK. Even if they don't have a 
> selectable impedance to match local conditions. They certainly work a 
> lot better than things like the SPA3102, which has very screwed up echo 
> handling.
> Steve
In everything I have read you don't use Echo handling on the SPA3102. I 
own one and haven't had a problem with it and Asterisk, but I use 
Asterisk to handle any echo on a software level, and don't handle it 
with the SPA3102.

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