[asterisk-users] Call agent when queue is empty and there is a voicemail left

Jonas Kellens jonas.kellens at telenet.be
Tue Aug 10 02:04:53 CDT 2010

Hello list,

situation :

1. incoming calls come into a queue
2. there is 1 agent logged in into the queue (not always the same agent)
3. when the caller is in the queue, he has the option to quit the queue 
and leave a voicemail message

what I want :

when there are no more callers in the queue with who the agent has to be 
connected, Asterisk needs to call the agent and connect him with his 
voicemail IF there is a voicemail left.

The caller can press "8" to exit the queue and go to the part in the 
dialplan that does voicemail. I thought about creating a call file when 
a voicemail is left.

But how will I know when to connect the agent with the voicemail ?
How will I know the queue is empty and so the call file may be executed ?!

I'm not asking for dialplan examples, just a description of how you guys 
see the above implementation.

Kind regards,

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