[asterisk-users] Connecting two calls with Originate

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>Subject: [asterisk-users] Connecting two calls with Originate


>Hello list!!

>I want to connect an open call with an extension. I call in with a DID,
them redirect to the extension using AGI. Can I use agi's originate to make
the second call >without dropping the first DID call? How would I go about
>I am not having much luck, am I going about this the wrong way? Thanks in
advance for your replies.


Assuming that you're not trying to dial back out on the same line, this
should not be problematic.  The AGI originate is not necessarily aware that
it is working in tandem with an existing call.  The "Channelopendidcall" is
the "wrong way" part of this equation.  For example, if the call comes in on
DAHDI/1-1, you can't use DAHDI/1-1 to open a second call whilst it is
active;  you can make a call on DAHDI/1-2 and join the 2 together.

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