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I did it straight Asterisk to OCS using the OCS Mediation Server. We do have Dialogic Diva Server Cards which are able to be used as Media Gateway too using an additional software called SipControl (not 100% sure about the name) but as this software needs to be licensed separately I prefer a direct setup like a actually have.



                Did you happen to use a Dialog Media gateway in the mix, or is this straight Asterisk to OCS? We are implementing this in my shop, and running a bit of a ground (trying to use the MediaGateway). Any help anyone could provide would be wonderful. Thanks all.
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Hi all,

i finally got it working to use Asterisk as my PSTN gateway for OCS2007 R2 following the HowTo 

I can call the OCS from Asterisk and vice versa.

The only thing that doesn't work is displaying the callerid(name) in OCS Communicator 2007.
I can manipulate the callerid(num) in Asterisk to any value I want using Set(), but callerid(name) is not displayed.

Has anyone a similar setup with names being displayed in OCS?

Thanks in advance.




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