[asterisk-users] Asterisk Crashes - Segmentation Fault

Dan Austin Dan_Austin at Phoenix.com
Thu Aug 5 15:46:13 CDT 2010

Manmohan wrote:
> I commented locale.php in defines.php and it perfectly worked well.

> Now i am wondering what is this invite participants for, while adding 
> conference. wherein it asks for first name, lastname, emailaddress & 
> telephone number..
The 'Invite Others' option is mostly for installs that do not have
a consistent e-mail environment, and are using the SERVER mailer.
This feature lets the server send invite emails to multiple parties.
In my environments we have Exchange and Outlook, so I prefer the CLIENT
mailer, and I can manage the invitations in my mail client

> Let me brief you how i had done this setup. I had created a SIP trunk
> between Cisco Call manager and Asterisk server. And i am using webmeetme
> for Audio conferencing.
Sounds familiar.  I put this package together after wasting too much
money and time trying to make an expensive Cisco conferencing solution

> Other than the invite participants, while the conf call is going on we
> get couple of more options, when we click to the current ongoing conference
> number.

> End call -- To end the conference call

> Extend -- I am sure this is to extend the time of the call for which its
> scheduled for, but not sure on how much time does it extends by default 
> OR is there any way to define the customized time on whatever required.
10 minutes is the default.  I thought I had made it configurable in lib/defines.php,
but no I have it hard coded in conf_add (to be fixed in the next release now).
You can search for +600 and change it to any value you like.

> Invite-- When i click this button it asks me telephone number. I assume this 
> is any number which asterisk server can reach as per the dialplan configured
> in extension.conf in /etc/asterisk.. Though this invite button looks pretty 
> much interesting to use but whenever i enter any phone number it says 
> "System error" not sure if am understand this wrongly.
You understand it correctly, but the default settings are likely not working.
Check out the section 'Outcall defaults' in lib/defines.php.  It is likely you
need to change the OUT_CONTEXT at a minimum.


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