[asterisk-users] Can ChanIsAvail return status from sip uri using router ip

Philipp von Klitzing klitzing at pool.informatik.rwth-aachen.de
Thu Aug 5 05:03:56 CDT 2010


> Although my previous posts in this forum have not received satisfying
> answers, here is another question from me. 

You might want to consider to reqest a refund. ;->

> my question is can i use ChanIsAvail function to get the status of a user
> in the format SPI/user-id if i provide user in sip uri like this 
> ChanIsAvail(SIP/user at 153.18.x.x:5062) 
> calling user with this sip uri works fine. 

That will not work, you need a known peer combined with qualify= for a 
useful response. You can read details on the Wiki:



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