[asterisk-users] How to record a file and play some other file at the same time

Janu Mukherjee janu.mukhi at gmail.com
Wed Aug 4 04:12:40 CDT 2010


I have an xlite registered with asterisk server. When i dial a number AGI is
invoked. and in this we are running to threads one to record files and one
to play files. So i dialed the extension and i started recording and playing
at the same time. On the xlite i m getting an indication when recording my
voice and at the same time i could see playing the other file too. But in
the directory path i mentioned i could not see any files being created. But
i again tried after some time this time i could see some recorded files but
i couldnt hear any file being played at the same time. I need to achieve
these both at the same time? Is there a way to do this??Please suggest me.

Thanks & Regards,
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