[asterisk-users] Best Practice Advice?

Wilton Helm whelm at compuserve.com
Wed Apr 8 11:40:22 CDT 2009

>Also, FC10 is out. You should probably grab that first.

Unless you are a strong Linux Guru, I would never recommend a Fedora release for a production system.  I have FC9 here and FC10.  It took me months to eliminate the bugs from FC9, and I still haven't gotten FC10 to install on the machine I got it for (three months now).  Fedora is cutting edge and puts out a new release probably every six months with less than usual regard for consistency or stability.  I don't know of anything Asterisk that requires this level of cutting edge technology.  While all the bugs I fought in FC9 are gone, they have been replaced by a whole new spate of (some still unidentified) bugs.

Centos is a much more appropriate distro for production work.  Nothing goes into it until it is known to be rock solid, and update occur much more slowly.  It wouldn't be too far off base to say that Fedora users are the beta testers for Centos--not explicitly in terms of versions, but certainly in terms of features and code base.  I'm sure there are other good (maybe even better) distros for Asterisk, I'm not familiar with all of them.
Fedora is really at home with someone who is running a personal web server or media computer or something for a hobby and likes to have the latest of everything and wants to (or at least is willing to) play with it, get it to work and help improve it.  That isn't the recipe for running a business.

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