[asterisk-users] asterisk-app_nv_faxdetect - Gentoo ebuild for *-1.4 was: NVFaxDetect (1.0.6), NVBackgroundDetect was: Asterisk 1.4 or 1.6

Joseph syscon780 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 25 13:29:50 CDT 2008

On 09/25/08 08:11, Tzafrir Cohen wrote:
>On Wed, Sep 24, 2008 at 10:25:45PM -0600, Joseph wrote:
>> My problme is that few lines in a source code needs to be modified 
>> before compiling it.  Changing the source code is a simple thing but 
>> now the ebuild needs to be modified as well to point to the source code; 
>> too many problems.
>Asterisk 1.2 -> 1.4 is a change in the build system. Most of it (except
>menuselect) is for the better). Adjusting your build scripts for that
>(and a packaging system is essentially a glorified build script) only
>takes some work.
>I would appreciate it if you hadn't kept your patches for yourselves.
>This would have also saved you some time on the next release (there are
>already RCs of 1.6.0 for yor test-building pleassure).
>BTW: maybe you need a newer version of nvfaxdetect? There has been one
>released, IIRC. If not, there should be such a version on agx's modules
>addons collection. Again, keeping your changes to yourself is bad.
>Also recall that for 1.4 and above you must define AST_MODULE. If you
>don't do so, you get very strange errors.

I didn't intent to keep it for myself.  I would be willing to work on it but I might needs some help as I'm not a pro programmer.
If anybody is willing to help write and ebuild for asterisk-app_nv_faxdetect.

We can post it on portage/overlay.

Please drop me private email.


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