[asterisk-users] Need Recording Solution in Asterisk

Daniel Varella dvarella at gmail.com
Sun Nov 23 12:17:01 CST 2008

   Well, I think this is a little difficult to deploy with a single
system. Maybe you will need to deploy some distributed solutions
(Asterisk or whatever) to have quality assurance, and coordinated to a
central management.
   You will also need to verify how many concurrent calls between
extensions on each location and intra-locations to determine how many
trunk records to install and space to record all of these information
   Almost sure all these calls will need to pass through this system
to being recorded.

   Do you alredy have some details of what kind of record and services
of management your customer is asking for ?


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On Sat, Nov 22, 2008 at 16:51, David Cook <dbc_asterisk at advan.ca> wrote:
>> One of our client Bank has 900 employees working in different locations.
>> They need to record all internal and external calls. Can any body suggest
> Call Recording Solution for this
>> requirement. We need to know the Hardware / Bandwidth and  all
> requirements and costing.
> Few questions first ....
> 1. Why are they being recorded (business need)?
> 2. Does the value of the recording remain constant over time or diminish?
> 3. What criteria will you be required to retrieve the recording with?
> 4. Do you expect users to retrieve their own recordings or make requests of
> a records management operations staff?
> 5. Does everything need to be on-line or near-line/off-line and do you
> require a data management and migration solution?
> 6. Do you need to do word spotting and trend analysis on the content of
> these recordings (target marketing and customer service analysis typically)?
> Recording the call is quite easy. Storing it for retrieval which is
> acceptable to the business under their potentially diverse requirements is
> the tough part to nail down.
> There are commercial products like Witness out there which do a good job of
> this at a premium price. If the business drivers have low impact, you could
> simply record in asterisk and archive the files with some creative scripting
> and database work.
> You said this is a bank so I'm presuming they will have a formal risk
> analysis methods in place which would guide you through qualifying the
> requirements. Check out what the IT/CIO folks have to help you out in this
> manner.
> -dbc.
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