[asterisk-users] hint priority with 50 channels

Loic Didelot ldidelot at mixvoip.com
Sun Nov 23 06:51:54 CST 2008

Ups, some more details.

I just tried with different values: 800, 8000, 24000 I did a make clean
&& make && make install, restarted asterisk etc...

Unfortunately it does not seem to work correctly.

So I have a hint priorities like this:


If SIP/1 or SIP/2 rings the priorities are all updated. But if I call
SIP/60 only *1 is updated and not *3. This is strange.

Any idea is welcome.


On Sat, 2008-11-22 at 11:41 -0600, Tilghman Lesher wrote:
> On Saturday 22 November 2008 10:31:34 Loic Didelot wrote:
> > Thanks for that idea. That what I had in mind. Now I just need to
> > out where to change and test for side effects.
> In main/pbx.c, search for "ast_add_extension2" (in my branch, it's at
> 1917, but it may vary slightly).  The top line of the function has:
> char hint[AST_MAX_EXTENSION].  Change AST_MAX_EXTENSION to something
> larger (say, 512) and recompile.  BTW, I'm going to make this change
in trunk,
> so starting in 1.6.1, it will no longer be as much of a problem.

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