[asterisk-users] MozIAX - Mozilla IAX2 soft-phone 3sec delay

Tim Panton thp at westhawk.co.uk
Sat Nov 22 07:29:46 CST 2008

On 21 Nov 2008, at 21:12, Joseph wrote:

> Did anybody tried MozIAX extension? It is Mozilla IAX2 soft-phone.
> http://moziax.mozdev.org/
> I tried it yesterday on eee pc, connected to asterisk on local LAN  
> and the performance is terrible!
> The delay is about 2sec or 3sec. and very bad echo.
> I think it is the implementation of their IAX2 in their add on, as I  
> have tried external mic. and the same delay problem.

> As a comparison I've tried DIAX over dial-up connection and the  
> voice quality was acceptable with very little delay.

Sounds to me as if you'll need to tweak the audio settings on the eee .
DIAX probably does that for you, it might be worth looking in /proc/snd
while DIAX is running to see how it configures the audio device, then
getting moziax to do the same.

I'm surprised you got reasonable response over a dialup connection -
which codec are you using ?


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