[asterisk-users] PSTN Gateway setup

Valentin Bud valentin.bud at gmail.com
Fri Nov 21 04:09:02 CST 2008

Hello list,

 I recently bought a Linksys SPA400 as a PSTN gateway. The gateway is
connected to
an * server and i have 10 users using this setup. I do have some
problems in establishing
a call to an outside location (call that goes through the SPA400). The
first attempt doesn't
get through.

 I suspect the spa400 being the source of the problem. The Linksys
SPA400 has a lot of
params on the PSTN side. I don't know where can i find this
information. I have called the
provider but the front line doesn't have a clue about this technical
stuff and i can't get in
touch with a tech guy from there. My telecommunications / PSTN
knowledge is almost
0 (i tend to improve it).

 I'm talking about Line Impedance and stuff like that. I live in
Romania and i suppose there are
some global (or at least local / country) standards which state the
values that can be used.

 I have configured the Linksys to use Line 1 and using the last
firmware from them i have
chosen the zone to be European FSK in the Voice tab.

 My assumptions that SPA400 is the source of the problem came from the
fact that on my
test setup in my office it worked like a charm. When i deployed the
solution to the client
the problem arose. The only different thing between my office and the
clients' one is the
PSTN provider.

 For Romanian guys: my office connects to RTC and the clients' office
connects to UPC (through an Allied Telesys which provides media
conversion from fiber
to ethernet also pstn), just is case it matters and make sense.e

 Please give me a hint on any kind of documentation i can read, i'm
really lost with this
problem i have :(.

thank you and have a great day,

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