[asterisk-users] Large Asterisk installarions (~10, 000 extensions), preferably at universities

Dan Austin Dan_Austin at Phoenix.com
Fri Nov 21 00:40:25 CST 2008

Yehavi wrote:
>  Our university has to upgrade soon its old Nortel PBX's
> which holds around 10,000 extensions tied to 5 PBXes. Up
> to now we thought about commercial solutions but now
> there is a window openning for open source solution.
> However, I need examples to convince that this solution
> is feasible, and preferably at other universities.

> Are there any pointers for such installations?

Sam Houston University migrated from a Cisco CallManager
and Nortel setup to Asterisk a couple years back.

I do not know any of the specific details, but maybe
you can track down someone involved in the project.


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