[asterisk-users] Aeterisk NOW 1.5beta1 - CDR problem....

Bipin itzbipin at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 23:51:01 CST 2008

hello all,

Is there any problem with Aeterisk NOW 1.5beta1 with the cdr logging.My
 *Code:*   *CLI> cdr status
CDR logging: enabled
CDR mode: simple
CDR output unanswered calls: no
CDR registered backend: cdr_manager
CDR registered backend: cdr-custom
CDR registered backend: mysql

*CLI> cdr mysql status
Connected to asteriskcdrdb at localhost, port 3306 using table cdr for 30
minutes, 3 seconds.
  Wrote 0 records since last restart.

shows the CDR is enabled in the CSV and in the MYSQL.But nothing is
recording.I checked in the /etc/asterisk/ folder and found that there is no
cdr.conf and cdr_custom.conf files.I manually added and tried and the result
was same. Also there is no file called Master.csv in the asteriskcdr log.Did
any body know what may be the reason?????.


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