[asterisk-users] Server for 25-30 phones, sip trunks over the net

Ben Hauger bhauger at geneoswealth.com
Tue Nov 11 11:01:08 CST 2008

Well, we're running an asterisk 1.4.x system with a te220 span adapter 
(T1 PRI). 83 internal SIP peers, mostly Polycom Soundpoint IP series 
phones. It's a single-CPU dual-core Pentium E6420. The OS is CentOS 4.5 
(x86_64). Seems to work well, though it's only busy with call switching, 
voicemail, and call recording.


nb wrote:
> What cpu/memmory configurations have people had good luck with for a
> small office asterisk server... (polycom's/poe linksys)
> Dell's got their $200 SC440 going again until the 12th... and I'm
> thinking it might be just the ticket...
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