[asterisk-users] SPA3102 interdigit timers bug?

Rodolfo Alcazar Portillo rodolfo.alcazar at padep.org.bo
Tue Nov 4 06:24:44 CST 2008

Am Montag, den 03.11.2008, 13:20 +0000 schrieb Steve Davies:
> I found this only last week... The problem is not the short timer, it
> is the dialtone audio definition (top of the same page IIRC). If you
> look at the tone definition for "Dialtone"  it is only a few seconds
> long. When it runs out, the call is disconnected. I have lengthened
> our dialtone pattern to 50 seconds, and the long timer to 60 seconds,
> which works here.

Steve, thanks for your answer, but it didn't work for me. This is my
tone definition:

350 at -19,440 at -19;10(*/0/1+2)

which means, as far as I understand, to play both(1+2) 350Hz at -19Db
and 440Hz at -19Db, 10 cycles, permanently(*), with no silence laps(0).
I tried changing the cycles number 10 up to 500, just to see what
happens, but has no effect on timers definition. 

Changing the short timer has effect, but works also as the long timer...

Any more ideas?
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