[asterisk-users] Suppressing certain queue announcement voice prompts

asterisk-users at rogg.is asterisk-users at rogg.is
Fri Nov 30 11:07:58 CST 2007

> > > > Short of replacing a sound file with a sound file containing only
> > > > a short period of silence, is there any way to suppress certain
> > > > sounds from playing during queue processing by configuring for
> > > > example queues.conf or other similar files?
> > >
> > > Which announcements are you trying to not play?
> >
> > queue-thankyou for instance, to name one. Or any other of the queue-*
> > files in general. From time to time it can be convenient to change
> the
> > exact prompts played (order and contents) due to language differences
> > and personal preference of the end-users.
> The question is more like what exactly do you mean with "from time to
> time"?
> Anyway, your best option is probably to create one or more prompt
> languages by copying the English prompts to a new directory like "en2",
> "en3" and then use Set(LANGUAGE=en3) in the dialplan when you think
> this is appropriate. For each of these artificial languages you can now
> decide how to modify the sound files.
> Cheers, Philipp

Again, very good advice thank you Philipp. And probably a very reasonable
way to do this if dynamic behaviour is needed. But in my case time-to-time
was meant as "every once in a while there is a particullar installation that
requires this". So statically doing this is ok in my case.

I'll continue with my replace-with-silence-file method for now. Thanks for
the input.

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