[asterisk-users] IAX complaints? What are they?

Daryl G. Jurbala daryl at introspect.net
Fri Nov 30 09:23:18 CST 2007

How recent?  I tried switching from 1.2 to 1.4 about 4 months ago, and  
asterisk would stop accepting IAX connections in less than a day and  
would need to be restarted.

This is with about 50 to 100 calls at a time on each box for about 10  
or 12 hours a day.  Less for the other half.  And all IAX calls are  
being passed on to a far end terminator via SIP.

I was going to scrap IAX entirely because it didn't seem to scale well  
(for non-trunking apps, at least), but many customers need it for  
various reasons.

On Nov 30, 2007, at 8:52 AM, zoa wrote:

> IAX had some stability issues in the past, the recent releases have a
> lot of iax2 fixes and should no longer have those issues.
> Zoa

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