[asterisk-users] Fw: Remove a TDM Card

Sasa sasa at shoponweb.it
Fri Nov 30 03:24:51 CST 2007

"Tzafrir Cohen"  wrote:

> You have been quite short on details. For instance: what distribution of
> Linux? What version of Zaptel?
> Do you have another Zaptel card? It seems you either have two zaphfc
> cards or one dual-BRI card. If so, the procedure is slightly more
> complicated, as you basically have to reconfigure the system afterwards.
> As I mentioned, genzaptelconf can be handy for that.

I don't know what Linux distribution is installed but the kernel version is, the zaptel version is zaptel-1.2.12 and is present one TDM Card 
and two zaphfc cards..with this architecture is correct my procedure for 
remove TDM card ?



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