[asterisk-users] How to originate a call from console CLI ?

Vivek Shrivastava vivshrivastava at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 02:08:06 CST 2007

I am not sure if this fits in your requirement but try "dial" command.


On 11/29/07, Olivier <oza-4h07 at myamail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to originate my first call from CLI.
> As I'm new to this, I'm wondering if it's possible.
> When I type "originate" from CLI, I've got this :
> "  There are two ways to use this command. A call can be originated
> between a
> channel and a specific application, or between a channel and an extension
> in
> the dialplan. This is similar to call files or the manager originate
> action.
> Calls originated with this command are given a timeout of 30 seconds.
> Usage1: originate <tech/data> application <appname> [appdata]
>   This will originate a call between the specified channel tech/data and
> the
> given application. Arguments to the application are optional. If the given
> arguments to the application include spaces, all of the arguments to the
> application need to be placed in quotation marks.
> Usage2: originate <tech/data> extension [exten@][context]
>   This will originate a call between the specified channel tech/data and
> the
> given extension. If no context is specified, the 'default' context will be
> used. If no extension is given, the 's' extension will be used."
> I would like for example to call 0123456789 number from SIP/7530
> extension.
> My asterisk server is set to use "local" context for outgoing calls.
> My first idea was to type this :
> originate SIP  7530   0123456789 at local
> But it fails : it keeps displaying " There are two ways ..." and nothing
> else seem to occur.
> Can anyone help ?
> Cheers
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