[asterisk-users] Asterisk on Pcengines Alix board

John Faubion jfaubion at tx.rr.com
Thu Nov 29 23:55:38 CST 2007

> Thanks for the tip. It seems like they no longer manufacture them:
> http://www.neoware.com/products/hardware/

No, but the Neoware e140 has a PCI expansion slot, is expandable to 1GB RAM,
and still has room inside the case for a hard drive. It is available without
Win XPe starting at $339 new. The prices on these are coming down.

> - Fan-less, compact motherboard

While some of these thin clients have fans, many of them only run the fan
when set horizontally and thus don't have the advantage of heat induced air

> - hard-disk (so I don't have to tweek Linux making too many writes and
> wear down the CF card)

The newer CF cards are making this nearly a mute point. Seems like I provide
updated software often enough that I never have CF cards wear out. We format
a new image for the customer and send out a new card. They take a couple of
minutes to power down the system, swap out the card and boot up on the new
load. When done they return the old card to us for "recycling" and get a $10

> - a PCI card installed at an 90° angle (I prefer to use a PCI card
> instead of an external FXO gateway)

I'm not sure I understand the need for the PCI card to be perpendicular to
the board. I prefer the flatter box since they mount to a wall well and
provide a nice compact installation.


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