[asterisk-users] To DB or not to DB?

Robert McNaught robert.mcnaught at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 15:59:15 CST 2007

I think the answer to this really depends on how regularly you make
changes to your config.  Adding a database connection increases the
complexity (although it is not rocket science) and adds moving parts and
therefore has more things to go wrong.  If you are using Dynamic
realtime, then you are relying 100% on your database being up for your
phone system to work.  With static realtime, you gain some benefit of
the config being cached inside asterisk and reloaded when necessary.

For a simple setup, which does not change regularly (as is common with
most small office systems) - I do not see the need in using a database
to store configs - obviously in a big network with hundreds of users,
the advantages of using a database increases with size.

Robert McNaught

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