[asterisk-users] SIP port 5060 closed - how do I open it?

Adrian Marsh Adrian.Marsh at ubiquisys.com
Tue Nov 27 09:23:48 CST 2007



If a "netstat -an|grep -I LISTENING" shows that a LISTENING port for
5060 is there, then the problem isn't Asterisk, but some firewall system
on the server is blocking access from outside.  If its not there, then
come back to the group..


Adrian Marsh



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Hi all,

I have *NOW beta 6 (asterisk 1.4.5) and I've configured it with a SIP
trunk line. I can make outgoing calls, but I cannot receive any incoming
calls. A port scan of my * server shows that port 5060 is closed. How do
I open this port? In my users.conf, I have set [trunk_1] to hassip=yes
and port=5060. 


Also, in the global SIP.conf file






Do I have to set allowexternalinvites or allowexternaldomains to yes to
accept INVITEs from my ITSP? I've already configured the system to allow
traffic from their IP address.


Thanks for the help!







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