[asterisk-users] Broadcast dialing/playback

J. Oquendo sil at infiltrated.net
Mon Nov 26 14:08:47 CST 2007

Has anyone created like a broadcast dialplan, if so care to
share it. What I'd like to do is create an extension so when
someone calls that extension they can leave a voicemail. Right
after it is recorded, I need that voicemail to played on all
phones on that system... E.g.:

1) Administrator --> Dial special number
2) Record emergency message (e.g. Snow day don't come in)
3) Hang up
4) System dials all extensions and plays emergency message.

Please re-read before you fire off


There are about 500 extensions so I guess either a
System(/path/to/perhaps/perlscript.pl) or something?

Scenario, school in a mountainous region with constant
horrible weather needs their admins to have a number
they can call and record a message. That message is
to be distributed to about 500 extensions. 

J. Oquendo
SGFA #579 (FW+VPN v4.1)
SGFE #574 (FW+VPN v4.1)

echo c2lsQGluZmlsdHJhdGVkLm5ldAo=|\
python -c "import sys; print sys.stdin.read().decode('base64')"


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