[asterisk-users] OT - 3Com and IBM iSeries

Steve Totaro stotaro at mail.schoffstall.com
Sun Nov 25 14:53:46 CST 2007

Olivier wrote:
> Thanks for the tip but my question was more towards asking for return 
> of experience than asking technical capabilities.
> For a long time now, there's a lot of buzz surrounding server 
> consolidation 
> (http://searchdatacenter.techtarget.com/sDefinition/0,,sid80_gci1070272,00.html 
> ) along "blade servers replacing multiple servers" but this is the 
> very first time I've met a customer seriously considering those things 
> for ToIP.
> And we all know the difference between touting "consolidation" and 
> meeting a customer ready to close a deal with it.
> That's why I thought reporting this might be interresting.
> Seriously, would you bet a fully fledged Asterisk running an iSeries 
> LPARS ? With meetme and timing stuff ?
> Apparently, some are ready to bet on it (though I still have to meet 
> one running customer).
> Thanks for the tips, anyway.
The IBM guy at Astricon and self proclaimed "Asterisk IBM Skunkworks 
guy" was to very convincing about Asterisk running on the iSeries except 
under Power Linux.  I wish I remembered his name, but he would be a 
great guy to get all of your questions answered.  He was not tasked with 
Asterisk and the iSeries, he went to his supervisors and was given the 
OK on time, resources, and a couple of guys.

Steve Totaro

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