[asterisk-users] Annoying PRI Channels Restarting Message

Michael Collins mcollins at fcnetwork.com
Sat Nov 24 01:18:17 CST 2007

> Is there a reason it resets?  Aka does it serve any kind of purpose?

Just curious: what protocol variant (i.e. 4/5ESS, DMS, NI2, etc.) are
you using? Also, which carrier?  Finally, have you turned on PRI
debugging to see if it is the telco that is requesting the restart?  In
some cases the telco will send out a PRI message like 'service' (i.e.
service request) to which the CPE will need to respond with a service
ack message.  Not all telcos behave the same with respect to so-called
maintenance messages, so you might want to follow up with the carrier
just to be sure nothing is wrong.  "Probably" nothing is wrong but it
can't hurt to check.


P.S. - the messages might be annoying, but if you've ever had PRI issues
then those messages become comforting!

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