[asterisk-users] Changing audio message to text message

Anthony Chapellier anthony at mbdsys.com
Wed Nov 21 04:31:50 CST 2007

Anthony Chapellier a écrit :
> Robert Lister a écrit :
>> On Fri, Nov 16, 2007 at 02:28:45PM +0100, Anthony Chapellier wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I know Asterisk is able to send a waiting message (audio) to people 
>>> trying to call a busy user agent using a queue. However, I'd like to 
>>> change this audio message to a text message to be able to print it on 
>>> screen on the other end. Is it possible to configure Asterisk to have 
>>> text message sent ?
>> You might need to clarify what you are trying to do.
>> When a call comes in for a particular queue, instead of playing an audio 
>> message in-band at the caller "please hold the line...." you want to send 
>> some sort of text message.... somewhere...
>> What sort of technology do you have in mind that you want to integrate? 
>> SMS? URL messages to other IP handsets? CTI integration with a web browser? 
>> pop-ups on user screens?
>> Rob
> I'll clarify what I wish to do. I saw Asterisk was able to send an audio 
> message "You are in position 5, 30 min till someone answers you" 
> (something like that) to a person in queue.
> And since I'm working on a SIP softphone integrated in a web interface, 
> I wanted to be able to show to softphone users the same message in text 
> screened on the web interface while the audio message is still being sent.
> After some investigations, it seems I've got some ways to do so :
> - Add code to Asterisk to allow it to send the text messsage in SIP or 
> in HTTP the same way it sends the audio message in RTP
> - Record queue logs in a mysql database and access it from the web interface
> - Execute the command line showing queue infos and find a way to get 
> them (surely the less possible solution)
> But, maybe there are some other ways to do it ? I don't know... and I'm 
> not sure to get what I want by chosing one of those solutions since I 
> just want to get the position and the waiting time to be screened on the 
> web interface.
Does someone know how to remote access datas about average waiting time 
and caller position in a queue in real time ? are they stored in a 
database or a log file ?

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