[asterisk-users] Softphone to be installed on the Mobile

Alan Lord alanslists at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 03:47:02 CST 2007

bilal ghayyad wrote:
> Hi All;
> Is there a softphone that can be installed on a mobile
> (new mobile models), so it can work with Asterisk as
> following:
> 1) As SIP or H323 client, with the ability to add
> button functionalities (call pickup, call transfer,
> ...) so if there is a wireless network, then it can
> use it to connect to Asterisk and work as client, but
> from the Mobile.
> 2) If there is no wireless network, then it can
> receive calls via the GSM (doing a special settings on
> Asterisk to forward the call to the mobile number), so
> he can receive the call and do the PBX functionalies
> (transfer, pickup, forward)?
> I saw this in AVAYA, AL Catel, Cisco, ... 
> Any help?
> Regards
> Bilal

Hi Bilal, someone mentioned to me yesterday something "similar"... They 
had a Bluetooth Dongle on their Asterisk box and when the Bluetooth 
enabled mobile came in range of *, calls would be routed to the mobile, 
once out of range, they would be routed to the Mobile phone number...

For a softphone - I'd probably look for a Java based one. Don't most 
mobiles now run J2ME?



The way out is open!

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