[asterisk-users] Softphone to be installed on the Mobile

bilal ghayyad bilmar_gh at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 21 03:29:24 CST 2007

Hi All;

Is there a softphone that can be installed on a mobile
(new mobile models), so it can work with Asterisk as

1) As SIP or H323 client, with the ability to add
button functionalities (call pickup, call transfer,
...) so if there is a wireless network, then it can
use it to connect to Asterisk and work as client, but
from the Mobile.

2) If there is no wireless network, then it can
receive calls via the GSM (doing a special settings on
Asterisk to forward the call to the mobile number), so
he can receive the call and do the PBX functionalies
(transfer, pickup, forward)?

I saw this in AVAYA, AL Catel, Cisco, ... 

Any help?

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