[asterisk-users] channels to destroy

Carles Pina i Estany carles at pina.cat
Tue Nov 20 02:34:09 CST 2007


On Nov/19/2007, Johansson Olle E wrote:
> 16 nov 2007 kl. 14.06 skrev Carles Pina i Estany:
> > In a couple of Asterisks, after type "sip show channels" we have a lot
> > of these:
> >
> > IP_PEER dst_number  something    00102/00103  unkn  No  (d) Rx: BYE
> > IP_PEER dst_number2  something2  00102/00103  unkn  No  (d) Rx: BYE


> > Is it normal?
> > How we can remove it?
> >
> Depending on the traffic on your server and whether they disappear  
> finally after a while
> or hang forever, it may be a bug. Please try with the latest 1.2  
> version, since we spent
> a lot of time fixing these kind of issues earlier this year. Or even  
> better, take time to
> update to version 1.4, since 1.2 is not maintained any more.

ok, I will try but it will take some time. Thanks for your answer :-)

Anyway, one more question: this BYE channels that doesn't disappear,
can cause any problem?

> If the problem still persists in 1.4, please file a bug report and  
> we'll start working on it.

I will

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