[asterisk-users] Registration problem: UA -> SER -> Asterisk

Stefano Capitanio s.capitanio at mclink.it
Mon Nov 19 03:49:07 CST 2007



we a have a SER (OpenSER) in front of 2 real-time Asterisk.

SER simply forward SIP messages to 1 of the Asterisks:

UA --> SER --> Asterisk

We have a problem with REGISTERs:

Asterisk answers with 200 OK, but changes the Contact header, inserting
the IP of SER instead of the original IP (the IP of the UA).

It seems that performs a sort of NAT-traversal, but all the elements are
on public IPs!


The Asterisk's version is 1.2.21, they are in real-time configuration,
installed on a virtual machine with gentoo-linux.


I've tried the same scenario with an Asterisk 1.0.9 (without virtual and
without real-time) on a Fedora Core distribution, and it works.


Any idea?


Best regards,


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