[asterisk-users] Nortel digital FXO channel bank? Exists?

Jon Pounder JonP at inline.net
Tue Nov 13 22:00:54 CST 2007

Quoting Michelle Dupuis <support at ocg.ca>:

> We have a client with a Nortel PBX with digital phone sets.  Due to T1
> problems (old firmware), we are interested in trying a FXO channel bank.
> Is there a channel bank (or equivalent) which emulates Meridian digital
> phone sets?  In order words, an FXO channel bank that's Meridian digital?

I think the basic wireline signalling is isdn bri for that, but with  
non-standard protocols.

ie the channel bank would talk to the ksu/pbx, but nothing but a  
reverse of the same hardware would understand anything on the other  
end of the t1.

ps - this sort of channel bank would be pricey at best, rediculous  
probably in reality.

I would try other solutions before even attempting this sort of thing  
since the odds of success are probably not too high.

> Thanks
> MD

Jon Pounder

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