[asterisk-users] How to pay for libpri development

Michelle Dupuis support at ocg.ca
Tue Nov 13 21:58:49 CST 2007

Can someone advise on how to go about finding someone QUALIFIED to make
changes to libpri?
We have a pilot stuck on hold, due to old buggy PRI software on a meridian
PBX.  Upgrading the meridian software is not an option, so....we would like
to have libpri changed to compensate for the bug.
Is this a digium only type fix?  I've called digium support but they only
offer support for their hardware - they said they can't help with software
fixes (even though we are happy to pay).
I already tried paying the asteriskguru web site guys for tech support, but
after $300 all they have done is confirm there is a software bug on the
meridian.  Wow, that was a waste of money....
I don't want to throw too much more money down a black hole.  Can someone
suggest where to turn for this?
** I thought of posting on the commercial asterisk list, but I'm afraid of
every unqualified developer jumping up for the money.  Hopefully the user
community can comment first.  **
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