[asterisk-users] Install Scripts for CentOS 4

Baji Panchumarti baji.panchumarti at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 16:55:46 CST 2007

  On Nov 13, 2007   Jonn R Taylor   wrote:

> [...]
> The other thing with CentOS vs Debian is that CentOS packages
> do not change every month or so. Debain seems to a little more
> on the bleeding edge of this, which is not the best thing for a
> production system. It is totally person preference and nothing else.

 funny you should say that today, because a short while before
 your post, one of the open source enthusiasts in my neck of the
 woods was complaining for exactly the opposite reasons,
 see below :-)

 <---------- Mat wrote on Nov 13th ------------------>

> That is one of my biggest problems with Debian, by the time
> a new release is out you are already behind the curve.  With
> it's insanely slow release path, you are forced to look towards
> other repositories or mix testing/unstable with stable.  Gets a
> bit out of hand.

 you are right, it is definitely subjective to ones perspective.



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