[asterisk-users] Install Scripts for CentOS 4

Baji Panchumarti baji.panchumarti at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 16:39:09 CST 2007

  On Nov 13, 2007 4:30 PM, Kyle Sexton  wrote:

> [...]
> The nice thing about CentOS (as opposed to Redhat proper) is
> that they provide the CentOS Plus repository, so installing
> PHP5/MySQL would be something like:
> # yum --enablerepo=centosplus install php php-mysql

 Amen !   I have used centosplus and found it to be a very
 valuable companion resource for centos.

 On debian the equivalent is

 aptitude install php5-common php5-cli php5-dev php5-mysql

 one difference I found between using yum on centos &
 aptitude on debian, and I am not sure if it is universally the case,
 is that the packages hit the ground running with debian.

 Eg. I run
            aptitude install ntp
  and the system clock syncs in a few secs, I run
            aptitude install mysql-server mysql-client
  and mysql server is running.

 whatever happened to the need to dig around in obscure
 directories looking in obscure .conf files, after installing
 a package, trying to decide if you can have space between
 the option  "-p" & the value :-)



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