[asterisk-users] sangoma zaptel patches

Steve Totaro stotaro at first-notification.com
Tue Nov 13 12:07:21 CST 2007

Dovid B wrote:
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>> On Sunday 11 November 2007 11:07:04 Steve Totaro wrote:
>>> Tzafrir Cohen wrote:
>>>> Sangoma's s setup process includes a small patch to Zaptel. I have some
>>>> technical reservations with that patch. It seems that under certain
>>>> circumstances it may cause unexpected behavior when used with other
>>>> Zaptel channel drivers. I also don't understand why a safer method is
>>>> not used.
>>> Just out of curiosity, I have yet to see any issues with Sangoma cards
>>> and the way they ride on top (and patch) the Zaptel drivers.  This
>>> personal dataset is around one hundred productions boxes.
>> How many of those boxes are of the type that Tzafrir is worried about?
>> Specifically, how many of those boxes contain a combination of telephony
>> hardware from vendors other than Sangoma?
> I have a box that now has a TDM400P. I will be installing a sangoma card in 
> it soon and I actually need support for this. 
I set up almost the exact same configuration and all went well (HP 
DL380).  No gotchas or glitches. 

I have a feeling that Tzafrir is trying to fix what is not broken, since 
he never pointed out a single conflict between various hardware using 
patched Zaptel drivers configurations. 

Maybe he is looking down the road and being proactive which I applaud, 
but I think he is obsessing over what he feels is the "incorrect" way of 
doing things and demanding (tone in emails) that they cooperate and do 
what he tells them.  A little tact goes a long way.


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