[asterisk-users] ACD Queue LOG RINGNOANSWER Content 0

James FitzGibbon james.fitzgibbon at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 08:56:16 CST 2007

On 11/12/07, asterisk <Asterisk at isgcom.com> wrote:
> In my  queue log I see that on the RINGNOANSWER Event I get different
> content.   Some events soe the ring timeout (15000).  Other events show
> 0.  Other yet show 1000 Doens anyone know what 0 means?  Did it try to
> ring the phone, but it was busy?

For my internal reporting, I consider 0 or 1000 to be the result of a phone
being on DND.  Since all the time values in the log are rounded to the
nearest 1000, I speculate that 0 is a rejection in < 500ms and 1000 is a
rejection in the 500 to 1499 ms range.  I figure unless someone is hovering
over the "ignore" button on a softphone, they aren't going to be able to
click it so fast that Asterisk registers it as "RINGNOANSWER|1000".

Likewise, "RINGNOANSWER|20000" is (for me, given timeout=20 in queues.conf)
a failure to pick up a presented call.

Everything from 2000 through 19000 I treat as a manual ignore triggered by
the agent.  So far, the reports I generate based on these rules seem to make
sense to the managers reading them.

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