[asterisk-users] Fwd: Re: Grandstream GXP2020 + Asterisk 1.4.11

Erik Wartusch we at deuromedia.at
Tue Nov 13 03:25:33 CST 2007

Thx John !!

Hmm I found now on voip-info.org a lot of Beta releases which should fix my 
problems... Kind of strange whats going on with Grandstream devices and their 
firmware ... If you install the latest "official" release you can expect a 
few troubles with Asterisk 1.4.11 (one way audio --> randomly, dropped 
calls).  So you have to install the BETAS whether you want or not... 

That you have to use unique ports is a rumour and not SIP standard. As John 
said --> IP:Port must be unique . I definitely not understand why I should 
use random ports.

Kind Regards,



> I`m using several GXP2020 phones with newest Firmware

I had issues with phone locking up using I've now gone to
and have eliminated that.

> Asterisk Version: 1.4.11.

Me too. Still testing 1.4.13 on a non-production system.

> I use on every phone the 10000 as local port and in the rtp.conf
>From my knowledge of IP I don't think this is a problem since the

address/port would be unique. However the example config I originally had
from Grandstream indicated that each phone should use a different port and
recommended to use the random port option on the phones. I have since
assigned the port number on each phone to 10000 plus the extension number.
This was done to create a unique port number and to help with
troubleshooting when using Wireshark or tcpdump. I set this in the config
file for each phone.


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